Friday, April 17, 2015

I Love You, World!

Ahhhhh, the joy of a Saturday morning coffee cup.

Good morning!
Now let me start with a bit of a background as to why mornings are a bit more awesome with a coffee cup, lots of sunshine, and a laptop glare.

With a coffee cup in my hand, I know I have access to water, a coffee maker, electricity, coffee cup and grinds to keep me going. Oh, and the filter which is kind of a bonus. I am able to enjoy the sunshine while I work despite the traffic and on-going construction outside my door-- there is no war, no strife that should hinder me from pursuing my dreams. Armed with ideas and the dedication to keep going, I have access to a laptop and the internet which help me record, update, revise, market, and to go through all the steps again.

I'm saying this because lately I've seen so many economically successful people who can eat three times (or more) a day, afford to send their kids to private schools, watch movies during the weekends, buy smartphones and sometimes even get to travel to where they want, and still get jealous of others' successes, find it's not enough, and keep on comparing themselves to what others have.

We now live in a world where we are spoilt so much, that information is just at the tip of our fingers, anything that we want to eat can either be bought in a grocery or online store, and anything and everything we want is basically right in front of us. But what happens is people complain on the lack of stocks of Pharrell's Superstar Adidas shoes, or of their mom serving fried hotdogs for breakfast when they are on a low fat diet. People tend to take for granted what they have and continue to focus on what they don't have, which further explains as to why there is so much unhappiness and competition in this world we are living in.

In truth, it would be really, really nice and awesome to live, wherever and however our place is in this day and time-- it is just up to us to see the beauty of life. What is more awesome than waking up and retiring at night seeing how nature changes as each day passes by? Or having awesome people around you whom you can count on, through the good and the bad?

Although it is unfortunate that money defines almost all-- or all-- of our transactions, I believe that as long as we have love and kindness everything else will follow. If we become a slave to money or power our eyes and hearts become blinded by the true beauty of life. This for me is what extreme poverty means, and there is no other cure to it other than looking within.  

Have you told your Mom, Dad, sibling, friend, partner, how much you love them lately?

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