Wednesday, February 11, 2015


You keep the most of it, and free up as much and as little as you can. You wave in, wave out, depending on the tide, depending on the site. The dust-- no, windows-- made all Italian meatballs lingering in the sea. The floors are built with carpets and pine, but the air is damp and the water dry.

And so off I go.

The view was bright, yes, I saw it coming. There was no headache, no tears, no nothing; except for this strong lever that kept me at bay. I waited, kept the numbers intact, I hoped, and kept the numbers again. My fingers walked way quicker than my eyes, and knew I was alive. I realized the fluff-and-puff was real, and the sunshine was not outside, but within me. It was easier to look away than to look in. And so I stayed.

I knew it was coming, but I assured myself it was nothing. The fluff-and-puff, and my sunshine: these were all that I needed. I blocked my hand, the palm tingled, and said my final respects. Sorry.

Tell me, we are all humans but why do we treat others as if we weren't human too? We fly and thrive, and keep others adrift. Why do we keep this so? We reach for our dreams, get what we need, but why at the cost of others? This I cannot understand.

And in the midst of this crazy world, I cannot understand why it's difficult for people to understand that love is real, compassion is given, and respect is earned. I cannot understand why it's difficult to be truly human in this world when you choose not to be blinded to work for things that we just end up leaving on Earth.

The view was bright, yes, I saw it coming. I knew the windows were dusty, the floor icky, the air damp and the water dry.

But anyway, these were nothing. And so off I go.

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