Monday, January 16, 2012

People Should Seriously Consider a New Genre of "Love Songs"

Mom asked me one time what I think is the greatest love song of all time. I realized, favorite "love songs" tend to be different through time:

Elementary: "As Long As You Love Me" (Backstreet Boys)
High School, College, Post-College: "You're Still You" (Josh Groban)

Not withstanding, I love every single album Josh Groban has released. People say I am one of JG's BIGGEST fans; the only thing that's missing is a loyalty medal. I really want to believe that's true... Signing up for his membership club (!); watching his concert here in the Philippines even if, to this day, I can never imagine shelling out that much for a two-hour concert; buying every merchandise I come across with; owning every single album, even OSTs with one JG composition (think "Troy"); keeping so many cut-outs of his newspaper and magazine features; and, asking for JG's posters from record shops after the promotion period has expired (!). 

I Love You, JG!!! (Ok, enough said)

My brothers say I'm crazy; but I think they're crazier for buying miniature hand-held skateboards (That's Tech Deck, if I remember it right), reserved for the scaredy cats who cannot get on a skateboard for real. They say they're all too worried for their safety... Yeah right. (>_<)

Before this turns into a Josh Groban entry (which is half the point hehe), let's go back to my mom's question on "love songs."

Having grown too sick of the same old love songs, too mellow and/or too full of angst, too emo and/or too happy-sweet-whatever, I've realized, hey, we should be dealing with more songs that deal with the wide range of emotions in this day and age. Love songs should never be reserved for Valentine's (more on that here), and for mushy mushy moments like anniversaries, weddings and proposals; because, love, above all, should exist within and among us every single day. There are different levels of "love" as psychologists put it into perspective, and that puts more point in the bin. It's really unfair for conjugal love to be the only "love" that should be getting due rights to fall into lyrics and compositions.

So what was my response to Mom?


Video credit: delusivefantasy of Youtube

Translated as "Love Song of the New Century," this yet another Asian Kung Fu Generation hit should definitely put others' idea of "love songs" miles of notches higher. It describes the obscurity of love in this day and age, where everything happens so fast, so conveniently, so sudden. Of course it's in Japanese and I, too, had to rely on translations; but the melody and the lyrics (!) all sound too good to be true. For rather firmer visuals, here's the music video (featuring Solanin's Kengo Kora!).

I half-jokingly told my mom any guy who'd sing this for me, I will definitely marry. I said that's a "half" joke because someone liking this just means he has good taste for music. Being a rather philosophical song, I think that good taste could also, in some ways, translate to life.

I just couldn't get enough of this song. Really, the only reason that makes me want to go to Japan is because of AKFG. I hope to have learned enough Japanese by then, though! (Not to mention have saved enough also!) ^_^

Seeing these guys perform live is definitely on my "To Do List Before I'm Old and Boring"

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